Welcome to Bombarded with Books, formally known as That Teen Can Blog!

Hey! I'm a 19 year old avid reader from Ohio. My name is Amanda and I'm working on my Freshmen year at Ohio University majoring in Integrated Language Arts.

I started blogging/reviewing in 2008 and haven't found a reason to permanently stop since. Sure I've gone on a few hiatuses, but who hasn't? Recently I've been taking the blog much more seriously and am posting more frequently.

My favorite authors include John Green, Sarah Dessen, David Levithan, Michael Grant, and Kelley Armstrong. I enjoy most subgenres of YA and even venture into Adult novels once in a while.

I have a fish named Juliet (Juliet from the show LOST, not Romeo and Juliet). When I'm not reading I'm hanging out with friends, watching movies, and stalking people on youtube. I am very opinionated and a decent debater.