Friday, May 22, 2009

Thwonk by Joan Bauer

****Thwonk by Joan Bauer****

Originality- 18/20
Characters- 16/20
Remembrance- 7/10
Quote-ability- 7/10
Entertainment- 16/20
Ending- 8/10
Recommend to read- 6/10
TOTAL- 78/100
Grade- C

Imagine having a personal cupid—an actual winged being—pop into your life and offer to make your dreams come true. The catch is he can help you in only one way: artistically, academically, or romantically. That's what happens to aspiring photographer Allison Jean (A. J.) McCreary. A. J. knows she should concentrate on getting into a top-notch art school. But she's spent five torturous months obsessed with handsome hunk, Peter Terris. Just one shot from the cupid's bow and thwonk, A. J. will have the undying devotion of handsome Peter...forever.

Thwonk was an interesting read. It was a little bit fantasy because of the whole cupid aspect but that's all. It was nice to read something that would obviously never happen but wasn't scary or unimaginable. A.J though, was completely crazy. You'd think since she is sooo serious and in love with her art, that she'd have the cupid help her with that. She's supposed to be a smart person but still somehow delusional enough to think Peter is the love of her life without even knowing him. Although Thwonk was completely annoying I enjoyed reading it when A.J had to suffer through her mistakes. I actually don't have much more to say I about this book. I didn't love or hate it. It was very mehh.



Bookworm said...

Aw. This sounds so cute! I love Joan Bauer, I might need to check it out, even if it was just so-so!

Laina said...

Have You Read Hope Was Here? I loved it. :)