Monday, November 23, 2009

Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster

****Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster****

Originality- 18/20
Characters- 20/20
Remembrance- 8/10
Quote-ability- 9/10
Entertainment- 18/20
Ending- 9/10
Recommend to read- 9/10
TOTAL- 91/100
Grade- A

To whom the fat rolls...I'm tired of books where a self-loathing heroine is teased to the point where she starves herself skinny in hopes of a fabulous new life. And I hate the message that women can't possibly be happy until we all fit into our skinny jeans. I don't find these stories uplifting; they make me want to hug these women and take them out for fizzy champagne drinks and cheesecake and explain to them that until they figure out their insides, their outsides don't matter. Unfortunately, being overweight isn't simply a societal issue that can be fixed with a dose healthy of positive self-esteem. It's a health matter, and here on the eve of my fortieth year, I've learned I have to make changes so I don't, you know, die. Because what good if finally being able to afford a pedicure if I lose a foot to adult onset diabetes?


This book was absolutely hilarious. We were able to read a weight loss story that was not filled with drama and eating disorders.

Jen was pretty much the perfect narrator. She was hilarious and very strongwilled in her journey to lose weight. Her various relationships with her husband, friends and parents show us her personality, support system, and maybe even a little bit of a backstory to her weight gain.

This is a truly inspring story that will definitely bring you to tears....from laughing so much. I can't wait to read Jen's other memoirs that she has written about various parts of her life.


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