Monday, March 15, 2010

Ghostgirl: Lovesick by Tonya Hurley

Originality- 18/20
Characters- 15/20
Remembrance- 7/10
Quote-ability- 7/10
Entertainment- 16/20
Ending- 7/10
Recommend to read- 7/10
TOTAL- 77/100
Grade- C

This is the third book in the Ghostgirl series!

Before she can rest in peace, Charlotte Usher must return to the tragic site of her death: high school. Once there, her assignment is to help a designated teen solve a personal problem in time for the all-important prom. But no one explained what happens if you fall in love with your class project. Charlotte would die (again) for love but facing the all-too-familiar feeling of invisibility may be too much for her to swallow.

I seem to be sensing a bit of a pattern with these books. I've seen series start off good and then deteriorate but Ghostgirl is a bit of a roller coaster. I rather enjoyed the first one but Ghostgirl: Homecoming fell very short of my expectations. Now with Lovesick some of my initial enjoyment has returned. It isn't up to where the series began but tons better than the previous book.

The main reason I keep returning to these books even if I don't love them is the plot. I just love the whole concept. No matter how annoying the characters get I can try to concentrate on the writing and the ideas inside instead.

I really hope that the next book will live up to my expectations. Now that I have hope for the books once again I don't think I could stand being disappointed.

It's always hard to pinpoint what it is exactly about these books that makes me annoyed. I think part of it is all the cliched "dead" jokes. At first I thought it was genuinely cute and funny. After a while though it got old. We get it, your dead. Another thing was that the majority of the characters are very unrelatable. Even the living breathing characters in the story seemed weird and off. Maybe Hurley was trying for a Tim Burton feel, but she missed.

Overall I would say that the plot is fantastic and I love what the stories are about. The whole life after death thing is really intriguing. The characters ARE improving so don't fret. I would recommend these books to anyone in the mood for a fun supernatural read.

Book received free from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


WhatBriReads said...

I wasn't aware that there was a third book! Like you though, I liked the first one, but the second one, not so much. I might have to check it out :)

Liefdesverdriet said...


Didtn knew it to, i think the third one might be allright :)