Thursday, April 8, 2010

Super Exciting Kelley Armstrong News

I have yet to read the The Reckoning but I was already sad thinking that this whole world that I learned to love would be over. Lucky me Kelley Armstrong announced that The Reckoning would be the end of the trilogy, but the series will continue with new characters. Here is part of her announcement.

"The Reckoning is the last book in the trilogy, not the last in the series. It only wraps up the major plotline introduced in The Summoning. It is not intended to tie off every minor plot thread and retire the characters.

The next book is The Gathering.Same world. New characters. New Edison Group experiment. The Gathering starts trilogy #2, Darkness Rising. While my plot line shows Chloe and the others being introduced late in that trilogy, that is NOT a guarantee until the whole thing is written."

Isn't this exciting!?


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Anonymous said...

It is exciting! I really love this series so I'm happy to hear that she's continuing it.