Sunday, May 1, 2011

In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox is a post where I tell you the books that I received this week either by buying them from the bookstore, going to the library or from my mailbox. In My Mailbox was created by Alea and turned into a meme by Kristi.

Stranger with My Face by Lois Duncan

Laurie Stratton finally has everything a sixteen-year-old could ever want. But just as her perfect summer comes to a close, things start to unravel when her boyfriend insists he saw her out with another guy-when Laurie was really home sick! More mysterious sightings convince Laurie someone very real is out there, watching her. . . .

The truth reveals a long-lost sister who has spent the years growing bitter and dangerous. She has learned how to haunt Laurie, but the visits soon become perilous. She wants something from Laurie-her life!

Summer of Fear by Lois Duncan

From the moment Rachel's family takes in her orphaned cousin Julia, strange things start to happen. Rachel grows suspicious but soon finds herself alienated from her own life. Julia seems to have enchanted everyone to turn against her, leaving Rachel on her own to try and prove that Julia is a witch. One thing about Julia is certain-she is not who she says she is, and Rachel's family is in grave danger.

Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan

Kit Gordy sees Blackwood Hall towering over black iron gates, and she can't help thinking, This place is evil. The imposing mansion sends a shiver of fear through her. But Kit settles into a routine, trying to ignore the rumors that the highly exclusive boarding school is haunted.

Then her classmates begin to show extraordinary and unknown talents. The strange dreams, the voices, the lost letters to family and friends, all become overshadowed by the magic around them.

When Kit and her friends realize that Blackwood isn't what it claims to be, it might be too late.

Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz

Joanna Beauchamp and her daughters Freya and Ingrid live a quiet, uneventful life in North Hampton, New York. But what the town doesn’t know is that they are harboring a great secret– they are immortal witches banned from using their magic. Joanna is a healer who can resurrect people from the dead. Ingrid, a reserved librarian, can foresee the future and cure anything from infertility to infidelity. And Freya, the irresistible wild child, has the ability to create a charm or potion that will cure most any heartache. Unable to deny their true natures, the Beauchamps start using their powers again to help with the ailments of their fellow townspeople. But when the neighbors are mysteriously attacked, and a young girl last seen drinking one of Freya’s cocktails disappears, it feels like the Salem witch trials all over again, and the Beauchamp women must uncover what dark supernatural forces are working against them.

Thirteen Days to Midnight by Patrick Carman

hese are the words that transfer an astonishing power to Jacob Fielding... and it changes everything. After all, there's something addictive about testing the limits of fear, experiencing the thrill of walking through fire, or saving your friend from a beating in front of the whole school.

Then Ophelia James, the beautiful and daring new girl in town, suggests that they use the power to do good, to save others at risk of death. But with every heroic act, the power grows into the specter of a curse. How to decide who lives and who dies? And why does darkness seem to be chasing them? Jacob only has thirteen days to figure out how to harness this terrifying power... and the answer is chilling: What if he has to kill the one he loves to save her?


Pregnant Pause by Han Nolan

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