Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hunted by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

****Hunted by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast****

Originality- 17/20
Characters- 17/20
Remembrance- 8/10
Quote-ability- 8/10
Entertainment- 18/20
Ending- 10/10
Recommend to read- 8/10
TOTAL- 86/100
Grade- B

The good news: Zoey’s friends have her back again and Stevie Rae and the red fledglings aren’t Neferet’s secrets any longer. The bad news: Ancient evil with the face of an angel has been let loose – that and various other nasties (whose faces aren’t so angelic). Grandma Redbird is in trouble. Heath is in trouble. The House of Night is in trouble. Okay, let’s face it – Zoey’s whole world is in trouble! But when the trouble comes from a being who appears to be beauty personified, will the world believe it? Especially when only a teenager and a group of misfits are the only ones who really understand the danger he brings. Will Zoey have the strength and wisdom to reveal the truth? Especially when, in the House of Night, the truth is often hard to come by…

The characters this time around were amazingly not as annoying as before. Yeah Zoey still avoids cussing and ends up sounding like she's 8 with her replacement words, but it happened a lot less in Hunted. She actually got angry enough to really cuss, which I think was quite a breakthrough. I felt like some of the characters grew to a good point right now, like Aphrodite, but others are just floating along with nothing major happening to them causing them to grow such as Erin and Shaunee. They're supposed to be some of the main characters yet...I feel nothing from them.

As with the past four House of Night novels, I was mesmerized. A lot of things that I like in a story are present in these; vampires, boarding school, and boy issues. Teens are able to relate to a lot of what was going on with everyone's social life, and yet still have the aura of a fantasy novel right on their tongue. So while they were in this crazy place of a world they can still feel some truth to it, and not be completely put off by the fantasy. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the whole Kalona thing. I know he's going to be trouble in the future and I'm intrigued in how this issue with him will, ultimately, be resolved. A lot more happened in Hunted than most of the other novels, yet I still wasn't completely satisfied. Let's hope that void is filled in the 6th book in the series to be called Tempted.



Liyana said...

AHha! I totally agree about the part where she sounds like 8 with the cussing replacement, but that's what makes her Zoey to me.

robin_titan said...

I still haven't finished reading this book I just don't like it!! I'm like half way through and most of that just was not necessary there was no point to it. It just repeated itself over and over and over...