Saturday, August 20, 2011

Contest Saturday

Here are some contests that are currently going on right now. Click the links to enter them. I will hold my own contest each month.

Win a copy of Possession HERE. Ends TODAY

Win a copy of The Other Life HERE. Ends TODAY

Enter a big blogoversary and birthday giveaway HERE. Ends 8/21

Win a copy of Between HERE. Ends 8/22

Win a copy of Glow HERE. Ends 8/24

Win a copy of The Implosion of Aggie Winchester HERE. Ends 8/25

Win a copy of Shut Out and The DUFF HERE. Ends 8/26

Win your choice of two books of many HERE. Ends 8/30

Win up to four books HERE. Ends 8/31

Win a copy of Generations HERE. Ends 9/1

Win a copy of Wildfire and Fury HERE. Ends 9/2

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