Friday, August 3, 2012

July in Review

Once again I'd like to apologize. My computer died completely about two weeks ago. I tried to keep things going, but it was too hard to find access to a computer that I could work on the blog with. Then I bought a new computer but didn't have time to really use it because I had orientation for the college that I'm going to in the fall. But here I am, about ten days after my last post, ready to pull it all together again.

I read 8 books this month (you can check them all out in the Books Read page)
I reviewed 4:

What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor
My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf
Book Tour: The Sundered by Ruthanne Reid Review/Giveaway

I reviewed 0 movie(s) this month:

Challenges so far:

I read 63/100 books towards my personal goal.
2/5 books for the 2012 Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge
3/6 books for the Zombie Challenge 2012
0/7 books for the 2012 Finishing the Series Challenge

Blog Changes:

Once again just some adjusting of buttons. 


Unfortunately I only read 8 books again this month. I really need to pick up my game before college starts! I also didn't review much, but at least I have an excuse for that. Even worse, I haven't made progress on my challenges, which really disappoints me. I really hope to excel this month and share with you my happiness with my 4 year blogoversary.

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Bookworm1858 said...

Congrats on your upcoming 4th blogoversary! What an accomplishment! I hope August is an awesome month as you prepare to celebrate :)