Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bite Me by Parker Blue

AHH again it's been so long since i've updated! But nevermind that. Here's another review!

****Bite Me by Parker Blue****
Val Shapiro just happens to be part demon. To keep her lust urges under control she hunts vampires who are threatening human life. Untill her parents decide that she is a bad influence on her younger sister, and choose to kick her out. But Val is determined to make it on her own. With the help of her newly found part hellhound dog Fang, she believes she can do anything. Val even gets a job where her vampire hunting skills come in handy. But what will happen when the death rates from vampires goes up, and her sister is in danger? Will Val be able to use her demon powers for once in her life with no regrets?

So far the only fantasy books i've read was the Twilight Saga. But Bite Me is a strong competitor. Val is a great character with a sharp and witty sense of humor. When Fang comes into the picture you automatically love him. That is to say all of the characters are very well developed. This book literally has everything: Love, betrayal, vampires, and a mystery. How much better can it get than that? Only a little bit. My only complaint would be that it was that I didn't like how Val's mother was so heartless. I mean I know she was being protective over her other daughter, but did she have to blame Val for everything? Overall Bite Me was a VERY enjoyable read. I can't wait for the next Demon Underground novel!!

I gladly give this book 4 out of 5 muffins!


anotherpageisused said...
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anotherpageisused said...

i LOVE vampire novels. but ive never heard of this one. i really want to read it now!

good review,
Lexi =]

Kelsey said...

Bell Ridge book or whatever the publishing company of the book is, offered my to review this book and Moonstone by Marilee Brothers, but this one I wasn't interested in so I didn't get it....I'm regretting that choice now!

Anonymous said...

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