Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Westminster Abby- Review (finally, right?)

It seems like i've been reading it forever but i'm finally finished reading Westminster Abby by Micol Ostow. So i'll get right to the meaning of this blog and review it for you.!

***Westminster Abby by Micol Ostow***

Abby Capshaw's application to the Students Across the Seven Seas Study Abroad Program has been accepted. She has mixed emotions as she heads to London. She sees herself as vanilla ice cream; sweet, plain, and not very exciting. Never one to be a risk taker, this trip is stretching her limits. This may be the perfect opportunity to assert her independence from her over-controlling parents, escape a disastrous break-up with her boyfriend, and become one big hot fudge sundae! Upon arriving in London, Abby determines to do things she wouldn't ordinarily do. She introduces herself to a green-haired girl. She commits lies of omission to avoid conflicts with her parents. And she ventures into a new relationship, even though she's not looking for one.

I'm not one to right a hate review, and of course NONE of the books i've read deserve one. I liked Abby and Zoe they were fun characters and were easy to relate to. I guess it's because i'm not interested in world travel, but this book bored me. It took a lot of self control not to just put the book away and forget about it. But that would have drove me crazy. So i just kept on reading. The book wasn't BAD, it just wasn't my kind of story. Plus most books written in the third person drive me crazy. The scenery was described too much for my taste, i just wanted to get on with the story. Also some of the reactions people had were a little off. Over all the book was okay but a bit boring. I would recommend this book to someone who likes to read about new places and basic teenage problems.

I give this book 2 out of 5 muffins (sorry)

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