Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hero by Perry Moore

Heyy dear friends! I'm trying my hardest to post more frequently! I bet you're sooo proud of me. It's hard though because our first grading period ends on Friday, so i'm making sure make grades are good enough for my own standards and for my parents. So for all of you lovely people i give you my review for Hero!

****Hero by Perry Moore****

Thom only wants to make his ex-super hero of a dad proud. But that motive starts to get a little difficult when people start calling him a "fag", Thom wishes he could deny it so his dad won't be ashamed, but it's true. Thom is gay and he doesn't want anyone to know. To add on to his stress the League of super heroes asks him to tryout. This sounds all fine and dandy except that Thom's father used to be part of the League, untill they kicked him out after the accidental destruction that happened. Thom though is all about secrets so, of course he tries out for the League. Thom is put in a team with an old lady who can see the future, Typhoid Larry who makes people sick, Scarlett a girl with sectets and the power to make fire, and of course himself, a gay boy who can heal people. Thom thinks he can save the world, but when desperate times come will he be able to?

This book has made it to my top 20 fav books. I love reading books from a male perspective, but this was the first book i read about a gay boy. It was also the first book i read on super heroes. Hero starts out slow, and takes about the first 20-50 pages to get into it. But once you're there you STAY THERE. Thom was a funny character that was super easy to relate to. Everyone wants to please their parents and will even keep things from them to do so. One of the only things that i didn't like was the ending. It was a little empty and left you with a lot of unanswered questions. Overall I really enjoyed reading Hero. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something a little bit different.

Hero definately deserves 4 muffins out of 5!
Happy reading!

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