Friday, April 13, 2012

What Do You Want to Do Before You Die? by The Buried Life

Title: What Do You Want to Do Before You Die?
Author: The Buried Life
Publisher: Artisan
Acquired: Received free for an honest review
Age Group: Young Adult/Adult
Grade: 82% or B-
Buy It: Amazon
What Do You Want to Do Before You Die? is an illustrated collection of your wildest dreams. Two hundred of the most moving, imaginative, amusing, and thought-provoking things to do before you die are brought to life through handmade art curated by Dave, Duncan, Jonnie and Ben—the founders of The Buried Life.

These four regular guys are on a mission to complete a list of 100 things before they die, and for every item they accomplish, they help a total stranger do something on his or her own to-do list. Peppered throughout the book are lessons, secrets, and stories that come from five years of asking millions worldwide:
What do you want to do before you die?
My Thoughts::
I don't usually read book that aren't strictly novel. Which means I don't go for self help, short stories, or this collaboration sort of thing often. But I watched this show somewhat when it first came out and I every time I think about it I get inspired. So when I got the chance to receive this book, I jumped at it.

As predicted, this book made me feel emotions, and hot only inspired. Some of the things that people wanted to do were so sweet and heartfelt that I felt sad, others were creative and funny which made me laugh, and still more were adventurous and intuitive which made me feel hopeful. I guarantee you'll see at least one thing in here that you will also want to do before you die.

It was really cool to see what people all over the country dream about doing. We also get to get some more history and back story of the Buried Life Crew, including their list of things they want to do, some of the people that they have helped, and a few of the things that they accomplished so far.

Overall I think this as a really uplifting short read. The pictures and goals were a mixture of different things, like I said before. You won't be stuck feeling sad, but you'll still take the book seriously. If you have an hour on your hands, I'd recommend that you check this book out.

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