Monday, January 7, 2013

What Happened to My Sister by Elizabeth Flock

Title: What Happened to My Sister
Author: Elizabeth Flock
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Acquired: Received free for an honest review
Age Group: Adult
Grade: 83% or B-
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Nine-year-old Carrie Parker and her mother, Libby, are making a fresh start in the small town of Hartsville, North Carolina, ready to put their turbulent past behind them. Violence has shattered their family and left Libby nearly unable to cope. And while Carrie once took comfort in her beloved sister, Emma, her mother has now forbidden even the mention of her name.
When Carrie meets Ruth, Honor, and Cricket Chaplin, these three generations of warmhearted women seem to have the loving home Carrie has always dreamed of. But as Carrie and Cricket become fast friends, neither can escape the pull of their families’ secrets—and uncovering the truth will transform the Chaplins and the Parkers forever.
My Thoughts::
I read Me&Emma almost 2 years ago. I still remember the shocker at the end and the uneasy feeling that it left me with. It didn't look like a sequel would be released, so I sadly realized that the ending was for real and that was the end of it.

Even though I enjoyed reading the first book (who doesn't love shocking endings?), this one was even better. We get another narrator in this book which really helps. Carrie is so young so she's a pretty unreliable narrator, especially considering how the last book ended. Having this new narrator also puts a little spin on the story and puts some things in perspective.

So much is cleared up in this book, which makes me extremely happy that I read it. You can just feel how Carrie must feel being so young and so unsure of her memories. She is being told something from one person (her mom) who she loves and wants to trust, but she has memories that contradict what her mother is saying. Even though Carrie doesn't really think it, as readers we think she is making up memories because her even younger years were so horrible.

It was so heartwarming to see Carrie interact with the Chaplins, who are in the position that the readers are in. We think our problems are so big, but then get a reality check when something more terrible comes along. Learning about the truth of Carrie's past is very sad, but I was happy with the conclusion. Her mom got what she deserved and Carrie finally gets a family and happiness. Not to mention the surprise at the end of this book as well.

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Michelle said...

I don't read that many Adult titles, but I really liked Me & Emma. I was pretty surprised about the ending in it too, so I might have to read this one so I can figure out what happens to the girl and mom! Cool Review!

Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Book Blog