Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The A-List: Hollywood Royalty by Zoey Dean

****The A-List: Hollywood Royalty by Zoey Dean****

Originality- 16/20
Characters- 17/20
Quote-ability- 8/10
Entertainment- 18/20
Ending- 8/10
Recommend to read- 8/10
Grade- B

Sam Sharpe, Cammie Sheppard and Anna Percy were the most glamorous faces of Young Hollywood. But times change, people move on, and Hollywood is fickle. Yesterday's star is today's extra, and it's a whole new year at Beverly Hills High--and there's a fresh cast of A-Listers ready to become the toast of Tinseltown. A-List: Hollywood Royalty is the newest guilty pleasure in the witty and risqué series that takes readers behind the scenes of the Hollywood glitterati. The A-List and its New York Times bestselling sequels are full of unforgettable stories about the fast times of Beverly Hills' most beautiful and glamorous people. Welcome to the new generation of A-List class

Before I started I expected a book that was really annoying. That all the girls hated each other and were always starting fights. Luckily I was wrong. They had PERSONALITY! Who would have thought? Not me. Another awesome thing would be that you got to hear some male perspective. And thank gosh he was realistic. Yeah he might have changed and got sexy, but that doesn't mean all the girls are going to crawl all over him. He still has that inner dork that I want him to cling to. Now the plot. I have to admit that it's not very original, and it doesn't hold my attetion all the time. Still it's fun to read about the glamorous, or not so glamorous life. At least we have some mean girls in the story. I might sound mean but every story needs an antagonist. Myla isn't even that bad. Oh Oh we can't forgot Jo-Jo!! Lucky her, or wait she isn't as smooth as she thought now was she? Overall I think that The A-List: Hollywood wasn't relatable, but kept my attention and made me jealous. Brava Zoey Dean!


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Looks good...

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Sounds like my kind of book! :)

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