Saturday, January 3, 2009

Will I Ever Finish!?

As you can see I've been working on reading The Tommyknockers for a while now. That is why no new reviews are up. This book is taking over my life! IT IS SOOOO LONG! And the writing is super small...I know, no excuses. I should be reading more, watching T.V. less. But before you call me a lazy reader, have any of you guys tried to tackle a Stephen King novel? Cause I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

Oh haven't you noticed my new blog design? Thank you so much Siren Design Studio for creating my current blog header! Isn't it cute? And another big thanks to Sane Headers for creating my last couple of awesome headers!

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TruBlu93 said...

I know what it's like when you just can't seem to finish a book. It sucks. But good luck, you'll have it finished before you know it, just read between commercials. lol