Friday, August 15, 2008

Sad news. =[

Hey everyone I dedicate this post to Alex Joy. He died today in a car accident. We weren't really friends but it's still sad. Sharing the same classes with him was fun and I'll miss him dearly.

R.I.P Alex!!

*sigh* onto something brighter now. I'm gonna change my layout again before school starts and I want your input, so please take the survey. Make sure to choose a color AND design. That's about it everyone.

Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

It's sad when things like this happen... my brother's classmate got hit by a car when crossing the street and died earlier this summer.

RIP Alex...

BTW, I took your survey... :)

Amanda said...

thank you soo much!

Kelsey said...

Omg, *hugs* that's so sad! I had a sort of friend about a year and a half ago at my old school and his brother died in a car crash. It devasated him and wasn't in school for a few weeks. The school I went to school at is in a small town so that never happens, it's just really terrible whne this happens.

RIP Alex

*Double Hugs*

Amanda said...

Thank you so much Kelsey *hugs back*