Friday, August 8, 2008

Way to go E. Lockhart!

One of my favorite authors is E. Lockhart. She's the author that got me addicted to reading YA novels. It's so easy to get pulled into one of her books. Each of them is like %50 comedy %20 drama %10 boys %10 kissing %5 life lessons and %5 best friends. The books are so funny that you won't want to put them down.

The first book of hers that i read is The Boyfriend List. It's about a girl named Ruby who begins to go to a shrink and talks about all the boys who had any impact in her life. Her bestfriend Kanga starts to go out with her newly ex-boyfriend. After that all hell breaks loose and Ruby is left on her own. This is a book that can show you how drastically your friends can change.

Next i read The Boy Book. This is pretty much a continuation of The Boyfriend List. Ruby has moved on and is feeling better about herself. But she remembers entries she and her friends used to make about boys. Advice and theories are used to make this book more compelling.

After those came Fly On The Wall. This had to be my favorite E. Lockhart book. The story is about Gretchen. Boys confuse her more than she would like. Gretchen has a huge crush on Titus. Too bad she feels like Titus doesn't like her. Gretchen wants to find out more about the art rats so she wishes to become a fly on the wall. And her wish comes true. This book was sooooo funny! I love the vocabulary the characters use. Such as "biscuits", "gherkins", and "workin that milkshake" It made me laugh sooo much! This book is great for reluctant readers.

Last but not least would be Dramarama. This book was a bit different than the rest. The main character discovers who she truly is and who she is not. Sadye gets acccepted to a summer drama camp. She meets some very interesting and different people but they don't meet the REAL her. She gains and loses friends. There truly is lots of drama, but there is also lot's of love and comedy.

Well I suppose that's about it for now. Comment and tell me what you think i should blog about next!!


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Anonymous said...

OMG, I love E. Lockhart. I swear The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book are my bibles. Fly on the Wall was cute, and I've yet to read Dramarama. :)