Friday, November 28, 2008

Girl Goddess #9 by Francesca Lia Block

Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I was busy with Thanksgiving, and other family stuff. But I did have the time to finish Girl Goddess #9. Again with the lengthy titles. ARG. Not as bad as last time though.

****Girl Goddess #9 by Francesca Lia Block****
Originality- 18/20
Characters- 16/20
Remembrance- 5/10
Quote-ability- 6/10
Entertainment- 15/20
Ending- 8/10
Recommend to read- 6/10
Grade- C

Girl Goddess #9, nine stories about girl goddesses of every age and shape and color and size, wearing combat boots and spiky hair or dressed all in white. One girl has two moms, another has no mother at all but a strange blue skinned creature that lives in her closet. One is a rock star groupie, another loves dancing and reading poetry and having picnics in the backyard when the moon is full. These are stories about girls discovering that the world is not a simple place and that there is more than one way to live.

This book was wow. Just wow. Though each story seemed to take place in an earlier time. Like the 80's or 90's. All of the characters had a fashion sense from that era. but THAT my dear friends does not matter. The stories were sooooo short it like once i got into it, it was over. And the cycle continues. The stories, as short as they were, did make me think. Most of them had an odd twist or unexpected turn. All of the girls were SOOO different but they ALL discovered themselves, or learned something important about someone else. Every girl has what it takes to be a goddess.


Emily said...

Wow, I want to read this!! Thanks (:

Tay-Toe said...

Was Amanda being cool? Last sentence? Chi~lls.