Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twilight Movie Pre-Release Party!

UPDATE- I got a LOT of books in the mail today 10+ and i still expect more. I am SOOO HAPPY!

UPDATE 2- Oh yes. see the delicously awesome banner? Well Kelsey from Reading Keeps You Sane made it!

Today Tay and I plan to go to our local Borders Twilight Movie party! We are pumped! So don't expect new things too soon. It'll take a while before we have our thoughts in order again. Also I'm still expecting books in the mail. Maybe (hopefully) they'll arrive today. Then new reviews will come up everyday. (um maybe).

At the Borders party they're gonna be giving away movie tickets and other awesome merchandise! You should seriously check out your local Borders RIGHT NOW! I can't wait to make a fool out of myself when we play charades!

Are any of you planning on going to a Twilight Movie Party?


Kelsey said...

No....I think we live 3 hours from a borders....But my mom and I already bought our tickets!!! I'm so excited! I hope you have fun, Amanda!

Just Listen said...

Me and two friends have tickets to pre screening over here in Aus (hopefully, we ordered them but they might be sold out! :( )

I don't think there's a party. But have a blast yours!