Monday, November 24, 2008

Sleepless by Terri Clark

Like I promised here is my review for Sleepless. And guess what? Wicked come out tomorrow!!

****Sleepless by Terri Clark****

Originality- 19/20
Characters- 18/20
Remembrance- 8/10
Quote-ability- 7/10
Entertainment- 18/20
Ending- 8/10
Recommend to read- 9/10
Grade- B

The swaying Palms Hotel late-night room-service menu
Tuck-Me-In Tuna Salad on Rye $7.50
Catch-Some-ZZZs Cheeseburger and Fries $10.00
Up-All-Night Chocolate-Chip Cookies with Milk $5.50
Bedtime Banana Split$7.00I can't go to sleep!!! And not because of the cute boy lying next to me. There's a killer stalking me in my dreams. And if it's up to him . . . I'll never wake up. I have to find a way to get him, before he gets me.

Sleepless was very short but VERY enjoyable. It was incredible that so much action and mystery could fit inside a small book. There weren't many characters but the characters you did get to meet had very distinct personalities. The story line was soooo original and i got stuck right into the story. I was afraid when Trinity was, and i was happy when she was happy. All of the reactions were completely realistic and compassionate. Overall I thought Sleepless was super enjoyable and enteraining!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amanda! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.