Sunday, November 16, 2008

In My Mailbox

I took this idea from The Story Siren. I'll name all of the books I received this week. This week was great but It won't be like this most of the time. I hope to get a book a week but let's see what happens.

So this is what I got-

  • Evernight- Claudia Gray
  • Invisible Touch- Kelly Parra
  • Unleashed- Kristopher Reisz
  • Old Magic- Marianne Curley
  • Red Handed (Teen Alien Huntress)- Gena Showalter
  • LILY DALE: AWAKENING- Wendy Corsi Staub
  • The Summoning (Darkest Powers, Book 1) - Kelley Armstrong
  • Stake That! (The Blood Coven)- Mari Mancusi
  • Sleepless- Terri Clark
  • My Life from Air-bras to Zits- Barbara Haworth-Attard
  • Girl Goddess #9 by Francesca Lia Block

I was soooo excited! I finally have a big TBR pile! I know, I know, lot's of you wish you had less to read, but i love it. Hehe I still have books coming in the mail, and plan to order a few online.

On another note I didn't win anything at the Borders party, but Taylor did! She won a key chain! There was TONS of new stuff there! Like Alice's choker! I SOOOO wanted to buy all kinds of things but I didn't have money.

Overall I think my weekend went great!
How was yours?


Katie/Flamingokitty said...

:)my weekend was good...which is optimistic for loosing my job. oh well. i also wished i could have talked to brad more...i miss him SO MUCH!

Awesome about all the books!! :) I'm reading a book called "the things they carried" a book that my friend Dain from work recomended. it's about the vietnam war so i don't think you'd like it but, wow i just LOVE IT!!! it's by tim o'brien in case you want to read what it's about or something. congrats on book 11 too! i hope you have a good week!!!!

-Flamingokitty/Katie :)

Paradox said...

*Jaw drops* I'm so jealous! Just about all the books you got are at the top of my books I want to read list. Some are in the top five out of over 200.

Did you buy many of them, or did publishers/authors send all of those for you to review?

Anonymous said...

ooh what contest did u win those from?

keri mikulski :) said...

Great TBR pile. :) There's nothing like a big pile of books. Enjoy!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

oh, what a nice tbr pile. so exciting!!!! :)
i love books.