Monday, March 30, 2009

My Room+News

Since spring is here and April comes on Wednesday, I decided to brighten up my blog and re-organize my room. Buuuuuut I need a new banner. I used a generator for the one I currently have but I'd like a different one.

Many bloggers have showed us their books/rooms so I guess it's about time I do too huh? So here you go, this is 2 walls of my room. The ones missing are boring and have nothing to show except for doors. I organize my books in alphabetical by author then title.

On my bed are two of our three kitties.

All of my bags.


1 comment:

Laina said...

You know, I actually like the simplicity of your current banner. Your background is pretty busy, so it's nice that the banner you have doesn't explode your head, even though the purple really pops and looks great.