Sunday, May 20, 2012


There is no In My Mailbox post today because I didn't receive any books this week. I am expecting a few for next week though.

Today at 2:00 PM my High School Graduation begins. I started this blog the summer before my Freshmen year, and now High School  is over for me. The blog has grown so much in the past 4 years and I owe it all to my readers and followers. Thank you so much for sticking with me through those rough blogging patches and reading my error rich early reviews.

I've had this blog all through High School and plan to stay with it through college. Thank you so so so much!


SusieBookworm (Susanna) said...

Congrats on your graduation! I just finished high school a little over a week ago - it's so exciting to be getting ready to go off to college!

Melissa said...

Congrats on graduating!