Monday, May 21, 2012

The Hunger Games

Title: The Hunger Games
Director: Gary Ross
Writer: Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins, and Billy Ray
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth
Grade: 92% or A-

My Thoughts::
I was really excited for this movie to come out because I loved the book so much. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the movie as soon as I wanted because I couldn't get my hands on the extra cash. But eventually I made it and went with a group of friends.

So as a person who was obsessed with The Hunger Games for a while, this review is probably biased. I obviously have no qualms about the plot and the story, except of course for the things that were left out or changed. But with the rate of YA books getting turned into shows or movies, it's something that I'm growing used to. Not everything can make it in, and in order for the story to flow well in the time allotted, some things have to change. So I can only think of two things that I wanted or that changed that I saw no reason for. First, why no Madge? She easily could have slipped in. Next, why did the cornucopia have to be so different from what most of us imagined?

The choice in actors I originally didn't really like. I agreed with Haymitch and Katniss mostly, but was iffy on the rest. But after seeing the movie I think they did a really awesome job and I have a hard time coming up with actors who could have done better. Most complaints from prior fans that I see bother me. Some say that Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) weighs too much to look like she lives in District 12, but it says in the book how hunting and eating meat has kept her healthier than a lot of people. What bothered me more was that people complained about Rue being African American, when it obviously states in the book that she has dark skin. It's sad that these things are being complained about.

Overall I think this was an action packed film that fans of the book should love. I can not wait for Catching Fire!

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