Monday, November 7, 2011


Title: Cyberbully
Director: Charles Binamé
Writer: Teena Booth
Starring: Emily Osment, Kay Panabaker and Meaghan Rath
Grade: 78% or C+

My Thoughts::
When I first saw the previews for this movie on abc family, I was interested but our cable situation at the time was sketchy, and I didn't care enough to concoct a scheme to be able to watch it. Instead, I totally forget about it until I'm flipping threw the new arrivals on netflix.I was tired of trying to choose a movie, so I picked this one.

I wasn't expecting the movie to be that good because of the fact that it's a made for tv movie, but I often enjoy lifetime movies, so I wasn't too down on it. After about 30 minutes in, I was hooked. There were no more bathroom breaks for me. Taylor was such a real and average character that I think any teenage girl, or even boy, could relate to in some way. She was nice, funny, and funny, but also insecure and found herself lingering on what other people thought of her. If you didn't identify with Taylor, then you most likely identified with one of her friends...or even the bullies. The writers of this movie obviously wanted the viewers to see all kinds of people in this situation.

We all know that cyber-bullying occurs, but it's easy to ignore it and pretend that it doesn't. This movie was a real eye opener. Sure, at times it got a little to lecture and lesson intense. It was obviously trying to give teens ways to solve the problem, and the mom was running around talking about the law. That stuff got a bit annoying, but it was probably helpful to those who needed to hear it. Even though I really liked the characters and who they were, the actors did a less than stellar job. The emotions felt pretty false and the "mean girls" were laughable. Only Taylor and her mom seemed to pull it together.

Overall I liked the movie for what it was trying to do, even if they rubbed it in too hard and the acting could have been better. I would recommend this movie to people who think bullying is a thing of the past.

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