Friday, November 18, 2011

TV Week (11th-17th)

I'm going to try this new feature out for the rest of this month and the beginning of December. I want to get a feel for it and if I like it and you guys seem to enjoy it, then I'll include it in the blog redesign/revamp. Buuuuut...I already feel like I don't post enough actual CONTENT like book and movie reviews, and rely too much on weekly memes like Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, In My Mailbox, and Contest Saturday. If this works out, I will most likely eliminate Waiting on Wednesday posts and just do a month post of books I'm excited about. Anyway, here we go!

Glee (Tuesday, Mash Off)

This episode was the best one in a while. I absolutely loved the song choices, and the performances were impressive. Though, the characters don't seem to be getting anywhere. How is it that after all of this time and experiences, no one has changed much at all? How is Santana still SO mean? I'm not saying she deserved to get called out like that, and Finn was totally out of line for pulling the gay card....but didn't she expect people to hit her where it would hurt the most? Hey, at least we're seeing SOME sort of storyline for her. I've had enough of Rachel for a while so I'm glad she didn't play much of a part in this episode. Puck...Puck Puck Puck. He's still incredibly hot, but also crazy. Does he really think that he's gonna get Shelby and play daddy for Beth? It's time that these characters get a reality check and start thinking straight.

Terra Nova (Monday, Proof)

This show is so great. It has everything that I look for in a dystopian novel, but TV form. Except, of course, the tyrannical and conspiratorial government. Though I do sense that the Sixers aren't completely evil and Terra Nova is about more than building new lives, something has to be up. This episode was alright, but I predicted just about every outcome. Unfortunately, I don't think that this show will last long. There are only so many problems that could arise before the writers start to look crazy. What I like about the show is that the main background mystery of Terra Nova is shielded by each episodes dilemmas. We are slowly learning about Taylor's son, and what he has to do with all the conspiracy. In this episode we learn that he has attained the ability to communicate with 2149 without the portal being open.

The Walking Dead (Sunday, Chupacabra)

This episode was amazing, just like all of the others. I used to love Shane SO much, but after the last couple of episodes....well...not so much. His core is fine..He wants to take care of Carl and Lori, but his rational and genuine good personness is gone. He is now about doing whatever he has to to survive. It's hard to fault him for this, but if he's not in immediate danger, there is no reason to hurt other people. How could he want to abandon the search for Sophia when he would HATE anyone who suggested they would do that to Carl? Some people are thinking that the CDC told Rick about Lori's pregnancy, since he took blood and THAT is what he whispered to Rick. But man, I sure hope not. I wanted it to be a big government conspiracy thing. It doesn't look like Hershel is going to be letting the gang stay much longer, which is doubled by all of the friggin' walkers Glenn saw in the barn! Wonder what that was about?

I also watch New Girl and Suburgatory. These are fun comedies with not much of a continuous plot. Should I discuss them? Do you have any shows that I just HAVE to watch? What do you think of this feature?

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