Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Look Inside

Here it is my friends! This is my new feature and as you see i'm calling it "A Look Inside" I'm going to have a featured author, and i'll choose a book that they wrote. I always come out after finishing a book with a favorite character, so i'll also have a featured character, and one of my favorite quotes from them.

As today is Christmas I'm going to choose one of my favorite books!

Author: Sarah Dessen
Book: This Lullaby
Character: Dexter
Dexter- "You did!" he hooted, laughing out loud. "You bought me some forks. And knives. And spoons. Because--"

"No," I said loudly.
Dexter- "--you love me!"

Dexter is my long time favorite character. He is just soooo lovable!! Whenever i'm feeling down I just pick up This Lullaby and read some quotes from Dexter. Thank you Sarah Dessen for making such amazing characters. Expect more "A Look Inside" posts featuring Sarah Dessen. Most of her characters make me want to smile, and laugh.

What do you think of my new feature? Should I continue this?


Bookworm said...

Yes, I like this feature! Merry Christmas Amanda!

YA Book Realm said...

Great feature, it's a keeper! And I started reading This Lullaby but I never finished. But I have to agree Dexter *was* a very lovable character but I wasn't a big fan of Remy.

Book Spot said...

I think that sounds like a fun new feature-you shoul definitely keep it :)

Vanessa ( said...

Oh, how I love Dexter. I need to reread this one. Definitely my favorite book ever.