Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Month, A New Look!

Now that winter is definately here, I think it's time that I lose my summer look and go for something softer on the eyes. So don't be afraid or worried if you come to my blog and everything is messed up. I will sort it out today.

Oh my, today is also the last day of Thanksgiving Vacation! Our district didn't even give us a week off =/ I still had fun though, ate yummy food, and got some much needed reading done!

December is here and so is Tay-Toe's month of supposed "secrecy" that she's not telling you all about. She told me though, so i'm here to detour you to her wonderful blog that wants and definately deserves more visitors! I will give you some hints though about this secret: It has nothing to do with Christmas, But it has a LOT to do with a newly popular genre of YA novels!

Visit Tay-Toe's Blog HERE!!!! And we'll shower you with comments!


Tay-Toe said...

One name that I will probably never call you again yet it is deserved today, in a good way: silly goose!

Wow, shocked you there, eh?


TruBlu93 said...

I like the new look. It is much softer on the eyes. I'm getting tired of my look but can't find layouts anywhere. Where do you get yours from?


anotherpageisused said...

i have a surprise for you on my blog! =]

Lexi <3

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, i like the background. it's supposed to snow here on thursday. it's been snowing a little bit off and on though for like...the past week.

new blog to check out! thanks for the link.


Tempestt said...

I like the background!
Hope you will check out my blogs, maybe we can do a link exchange! :)