Monday, December 15, 2008

A Spanking New Idea

First before I tell you what this is all about you need to look at THIS and that link my dears lead you to Taylor's Rambles, which has an interview posted. An interview with who you may ask? Me, yup, you read right. Me. So check it out and learn some new things.

Now onto my idea. Once a week (not sure on the exact day yet) I'm gonna have a featured author, and a book that they wrote. From that book i'll choose one of the characters and a quote from them. I think this would be a neat way to give you a little sneak peak in some books, or get you interested in a new author.

If you have any suggestions to this idea, or would like a certain book, author, character, or quote to appear please comment or e-mail me at

I hope you guys are interested. Oh yeah can you very nice people help me pick a name for this feature? I want something crafty, creative, and original. No pressure though. Every idea helps.

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