Friday, February 17, 2012

The Devil Inside

Title: The Devil Inside
Director:  William Brent Bell
Writer:  William Brent Bell, and Matthew Peterman
Starring: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman and Evan Helmuth
Grade: 67% or D+

My Thoughts::
I went to see this movie with a bunch of my friends which I think is the best way to see a movie like this. Scary movies and high stress movies are always more fun with a group because you feed off of each others emotions. Let me tell you, this movie was soooo much better since I saw it with my friends.

The movie started out pretty intense and brought it right into the action and creepiness and background of the entire story. But let me tell you, this creepiness did not last much longer. Sure, they tried to keep it up with the wobbly camera shots because it was supposed to be real and everything. And of course there was a lot of sudden loud noises or things popping out of no where to get people to jump, but this is not a scary movie. It is a movie with shock factor and that's about it.

At certain times I WAS legit freaked out, but like I said, mostly because it was shocking. Most of the movie was spent with the audience laughing at how ridiculous some of the scenes were. Seriously, some scenes had us dying with laughter. The acting was okayyyy, but I feel like maybe it was supposed to be bad because it was supposed to be "real"? The end of the movie was so abrupt that it left the audience confused.

Overall I think that The Devil Inside was pretty darn hilarious and entertaining but wasn't a good scary movie.

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Bekka said...

Bah I thought this movie was awful! The exorcism scenes lasted barely two minutes, just enough to creep you out sort of, and then BAM they're done. Fixed, just like that.

Also, exorcisms won't work without the proper sanction, but who's counting?

And finally, what a stupid, terrible, crappy ending. Ugh, I was just not as satisfied as I thought I would be.