Monday, February 27, 2012

This Means War

Title: This Means War
Director:  McG
Writer: Timothy Dowling (screenplay), Simon Kinberg (screenplay), Timothy Dowling (story), and Marcus Gautesen (story)
Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy
Grade: 76% or C+

My Thoughts::
I went to see this movie with two of my friends. I'll just admit this wasn't our first choice. It was our fourth. The first movie wasn't in our theater, and one of them saw the other two. We knew it would be a romantic comedy but we didn't think it would be very good.

Holy cow were we wrong. Sure, I probably would have liked the other movies better, but I was still definitely entertained. The movie has a lot going for it but especially very attractive actors. I hate it admit it, but when I'm watching a romance about adults? I need some very attractive guy to make it worthwhile, and this movie had two, ONE being British. How awesome and swoon worthy is that?

I felt like I was on this ride with Reese Witherspoon UNTIL she got mad at the guys for knowing each other and acting like it was all a "game" I mean, come on Reese! You were dating two guys at once! You were all being horrible. Also, the choice that Reese made in the end was not the choice me or my friends would have made. Get it together Reese!

But since this is a Hollywood romance things worked out for everybody in the end. The very end, in fact, was just downright awesome. I was a little agitated that it all ended so perfectly, but the little plane scene at the end?  Oh wow. Oh. Wow. That just made the entire movie for us.

Overall I think that this movie was pretty funny in obvious ways and sometimes in clever ways. There wasn't much substance but there never is in romantic comedies since they are easy to predict.

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