Friday, February 10, 2012

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle

Title: Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances
Author: John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Acquired: Bought
Age Group: Young Adult
Grade: 92% or A-
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The weather outside is frightful, but these stories are delightful! When a huge blizzard (that doesn't show signs of stopping) hits, Gracetown is completely snowed in. But even though it's cold outside, things are heating up inside, proving that the holiday season is magical when it comes to love. In three wonderfully (and hilariously!) interconnected tales, YA stars John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson create a must-have collection that captures all the spirit of the holiday season.
My Thoughts::
It was sort of a goal of mine to read and own every book that John Green wrote. Well, after I did that I wanted to read and own every book that he also contributed to. This is the last one that I got to and honestly? I have no idea what took me so long! I trick myself into thinking that other books are newer and therefore deserve to be read first, but that's not true! Besides, it's winter now (barely) and I love feeling in the wintry spirit.

I'm not going to review each story separately because all three of these authors used a similar voice and have a similar style of writing. I went into the book knowing that they would be christmastime love stories and I thought I would enjoy them well enough. Little did I know that I would be earning stares from my classmates from giggling in the middle of classes. It was ridiculous how much humor was able to be shoved into this book without it tipping from sweet to trying to hard. I also loved that the three stories were sort of intertwined with each other. Once I realized this was the case, reading it became even more exciting.

I went swoon crazy while reading this book. Especially about the first two boys. They were kind of my dream boyfriends. I will forever hold a torch for them. Isn't that strange? How you can completely love a character from a book and still not want him to be in a relationship with that awesome girl from the book? They were all just so cute together! I was amazed by how well the authors were able to develop these relationships and let us get to know the characters so well in such a short amount of time.

Overall I think this book was a really funny and cute read. I'd recommend this book to fans of any of the authors or just those who need a good winter/valentine's day read.

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