Monday, February 6, 2012

Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz

Title: Revelations (Blue Bloods Series #3)
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
Acquired: Bought
Age Group: Young Adult
Grade: 85% or B
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Schuyler Van Alen’s blood legacy has just been called into question - is the young vampire in fact a Blue Blood, or is it the sinister Silver Blood that runs through her veins? As controversy swirls, Schuyler is left stranded in the Force household, trapped under the same roof as her cunning nemesis, Mimi Force, and her forbidden crush, Jack Force.

When one of the Gates of Hell is breached by Silver Bloods in Rio de Janeiro, however, the Blue Bloods will need Schuyler on their side. The stakes are high; the battle is bloody; and through it all, Carnavale rages on. And in the end, one vampire’s secret identity will be exposed in a revelation that shocks everyone.
My Thoughts::
Once I start a series, it takes a lot for me to stop it. So even though I wasn't very impressed with book two of this series, it still held enough power over me to make me want to read the next book. Besides, I own them all, so I'll probably read them some time or another anyway.

Wowwww. Forgot all I said in the last review about the series already going downhill and slowing down. So much was revealed, confronted, and discovered in this book! We got all of these cool things, PLUS character building! WE CAN HAVE BOTH! Each character section would leave me wanting more, and I would want them to continue forever, but then I'd remember that I felt the same way about the other characters. There were several twists to make the book even more interesting.

I was surprised at how little petty drama was in this book compared to the others. I guess since things are getting pretty intense and serious, those things don't matter as much. Mimi and Bliss are becoming much more dynamic characters than they were before. I'm becoming more and more interested in their story. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Schuyler, even though the books are supposed to be centered around her. She was just weaker in this book and her personality was foggy. I wasn't able to get a hold on the person that she is in this book.

Overall I think that this book really made me want to read the fourth one sooner than I was planning to. The characters are doing well sans Schuyler and the plot is thickening!

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