Friday, February 3, 2012

Twisted by Sara Shepard

Title: Twisted (Pretty Little Liar Series #9)
Author: Sara Shepard
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Acquired: Bought
Age Group: Young Adult
Grade: 88% or B+ 
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It's been a year since the torturous notes from A stopped and the mystery of Alison DiLaurentis's disappearance was finally put to rest. Now seniors in high school, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are older, but they're not any wiser. The pretty little liars have more secrets than ever—twisted secrets that could destroy the perfect lives they've worked so hard to rebuild.

Aria's jealous of her boyfriend's new exchange student. Spencer's getting a little too cozy with her soon-to-be-stepbrother. Hanna's one scandalous photo away from ruining her dad's Senate campaign. And Emily will do anything to get a swim scholarship.

Worst of all: Last spring break in Jamaica, they did something
unforgivable. The girls are desperate to forget that fateful night, but they should know better than anyone that all secrets wash ashore . . . eventually.
My Thoughts::
I'll be the first person to admit that I wasn't really happy about there being more books added to the series. It ended kind of amazingly and eerily. I think that these books were seen as a money maker, so they decided to go and make more money off of it. Yet here I am, having obviously read the next book. They are just irresistable.

I thought Shepard already used all of the crazy situations already. What could happen that would put them all at risk for exposure again? What else could happen in their personal likes to ruin them? Who else could be stalking and tormenting them? I thought I'd be disappointed by the book. Seeing things repeated or just a watered down storyline. Wow, was I wrong. It felt great to be immersed in these girls' storyline again! I wasn't ready to let them go before, and I'm hanging on even tighter now. I could sometimes predict the repercussions that A would hand them after some things, but at other times I was completely surprised.

Once again the characters are going through agony. But here's the thing...I don't feel entirely sorry for them. I mean, how can you be told on if you didn't do something before it? These characters are guilty of being not so great people. Not saying they deserve what they're getting, but you'd think they would learn their lesson by now. Though I will admit that many times they're not TRYING to get into these problems. That's what makes these books so pleasantly frustrating.

Overall I think that Twisted really impressed me and showed me that the PLL's series can still thrive and bring new things to the already twisted plot. I'd recommend this book to those who read the first 8 books and to anyone who watches the TV show. Believe me, the books are WAY better.

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