Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Audio Book Challenge

This is my first official challenge and I am very excited to be participating! In the past year I've listened to a few audio books and I enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would, so when I found this challenge I knew it was the one for me. Now I have an excuse to buy some audio books!This year the challenge is being hosted by Teresa's Reading Corner. It started on January 1st and will run all the way until December 31st. You can choose from the following levels of participation:

Curious: 3 Audio Books
Fascinated: 6 Audio Books
Addicted: 12 Audio Books
Obsessed: 20 Audio Books

I think I'm going to take it easy and shoot for Fascinated. I'll add the books here as I listen to them.

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- F. Scott Fitzgerald
2. I Am the Messenger- Markus Zusak
3. 1984- George Orwell

Click HERE if you would like to sign up!

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