Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Killed Wesley Payne + Contest

If you read my review for You Killed Wesley Payne, you know that I enjoyed it. In fact, I plan on buying my older sister a copy when it comed out on February 1st. If you're still not convinced that you're interested, check out the book trailer:

See, I told you it's good. If you go on the book's site you can print out bookmarks, and read some starred reviews. I'm not the only one who thought it was great.

Now for the contest. (sorry this wasn't posted yesterday for contest Saturday):

Here is a little about the book: Stan Smith has the world's dullest name, and the world's dullest life to go with it. At 17, the former junior chess champion turned "Town's Laziest Register Monkey at the Town's Only Video Store" has no car, no college, and, of course, no girl. If that weren't pathetic enough, he's got an organic-food-freak vegan mother, an eccentric inventor father, a dead-end job, a dog with a flatulence problem, and a former classmate threatening to kill him. With a 165 IQ, Stan was expected to Be Something and Go Somewhere. But when all he has is a beat-up old bike that keeps getting vandalized, he's going nowhere, faster.
  • 1 (one) winner will receive a copy of Sean Beaudoin's first book Going Nowwhere Faster

  • Please allow about 3 weeks to receive your prize.

  • I will e-mail the winner and also post the winner on the blog. If the winner does not reply within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.
  • U.S Only

  • Ends February 25th

Fill out THIS FORM to enter.


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