Monday, January 17, 2011


This is a new feature that I would like to try out. I don't have cable so all of the shows that I watch, will BE watched a day after they premiere on TV, so that I can watch them online. Here are the shows that I will discuss every couple of weeks (I understand that some of these shows haven't started their next season yet):

Secret Life of the American Teenager
Make It or Break It
The Walking Dead
Real World/Road Rules Challenges
True Blood
Vampire Diaries

If you have any other shows that you would like me to mention PLEASE tell me. Just make sure that the episodes can also to found online.

I'll officially start talking about these shows and others in a week or so. The sooner you tell me what shows you want me to watch, the more time I have to catch up on past seasons/watch that episode. This will mostly be a rundown of the episodes since the last post, how I felt about them, good moments, etc. I will also mention movies that I watched during that time as well. Think of this as an entertainment roundup sans books.

Thank you!


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Anonymous said...

Try Dexter, best show ever. I think you would enjoy it.