Monday, January 30, 2012

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Title: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Director: Stephen Daldry
Writer:  Eric Roth (screenplay), Jonathan Safran Foer (novel)
Starring: Thomas Horn, Tom Hanks, and Sandra Bullock
Grade: 92% or A-

My Thoughts::
I read this book for my AP class during the summer and had some pretty intense conversations about it at the beginning of the school year. Once we learned that there was going to be a movie made out of it, we made plans to see it once it came out. So that's what we did yesterday. I wanted the movie with my AP English class and our fantastic teacher.

I can now do this review in one of two ways. How the movie was on its own, or how the movie compared with the book. I'm gonna go with a sort of mix but going stronger on the first option. Just let me get a few things off of my chest first. The book had soooo many level of story to tell, but the movie kept it to Oskar, his journey, and the worst day. They totally left out the grandparents story which was crazy emotions for me when I read it! And no "things that happened to me" book? Nooooo. I'm done.

Oskar was so cute and was the perfect casting choice for the character. His look of wonder is just amazing. I think they did a great job casting all of the actors. Sure, Oskar was a little rusty at times, but he was true to the character. Their emotions seemed real instead of pretend and I cried plenty of times along with them.

The journey that Oskar goes on was sad and amazing. You get so in touch and invested in his character, it's crazy. Your heart will cry for him. The entire theater was filled with sobbing and sniffling. But oddly enough, there was also a lot of laughter and humor. Oskar is a clever kid who said some clever stuff!

Overall I think that Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was extremely emotionally, fantastic, and meaningful even if it wasn't incredibly close to what was in the book.

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Uomo di Speranza said...

I saw this movie last Friday, and I agree that it was exceptional. That young actor is going to make it huge someday, because he portrayed the Asperger's spectrum almost flawlessly. But since you said the book was better (there's a story with the grandparents? Oooo!) I'll be sure to give it a shot as well.