Monday, January 2, 2012

Replication by Jill Williamson

Title: Replication: The Jason Experiment
Author: Jill Williamson
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Acquired: Received free for an honest review
Age Group: Young Adult
Grade: 76% or C
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Martyr---otherwise known as Jason 3:3---is one of hundreds of clones kept in a remote facility called Jason Farms. Told that he has been created to save humanity, Martyr has just one wish before he is scheduled to 'expire' in less than a month. To see the sky.

Abby Goyer may have just moved to Alaska, but she has a feeling something strange is going on at the farm where her father works. But even this smart, confident girl could never have imagined what lies beneath a simple barn. Or what would happen when a mysterious boy shows up at her door, asking about the stars.

As the reality of the Jason Experiment comes to light, Martyr is caught between two futures---the one for which he was produced and the one Abby believes God created him to have. Time is running out, and Martyr must decide if a life with Abby is worth leaving everything he's ever known.
My Thoughts:: 
It's getting to the point that any book that's strange or different than the "normal" world, I have to read. Once I read the description for this book, I requested it right away. I can't resist book like this and I was excited to get into it.

I only have one really size-able complaint about this book, and it's the same as some other people have had. This would be the religion pushing. I really understand how it would come into play in the book, because the ethics part always goes with religion when it comes to cloning and testing on people. But this book took it pretty darn far. It added to the book and made me think to a certain point, but then it just got annoying and a bit bible thumpy. Especially when Abby brings her belief into Martyr. I don't was just a bit much.

Besides that, I found the book very interesting. From one moment to the next there were a million things that could go wrong or happen that would ruin everything, so I was at the edge of my seat waiting and hoping for everything to turn out all right. This book was definitely a page turner. There were points when I wanted to scream because they were in such a horrible situation, and it seemed very unlikely that anyone would believe them or help them.

Martyr was adorable. He reminded me of Kyle from that show Kyle XY. He was just so sweet but had no clue about most things. So much innocence. I really liked his character, which was a bit strange for me. I usually lean towards the witty tough guys. But Martyr was irresistible. Abby was okay as well, but I couldn't connect to her like I could with Martyr.

Overall I think that Replication was a creative read even if it pushed to hard with the religion. I'd recommend this book to someone who is interested in cloning or just those who want a book featuring an adorable boy.

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